Hi. I’m Lindy. I’m a writer, teacher and inveterate autodidact. My novel The Sassafras Crossing has been a DIY labor of love from the git-go: a story of some headstrong people, making it up as they go along, building a life they can respect while preserving old stuff that’s worth keeping. Here’s what it says on the back cover:

bridgeThe old bridge took love and care, but it got us across.

For nearly a century the “brotherhood of the bridge” had gracefully managed the intersection of river and road. Now the drawbridge, along with its faithful tender, was starting to give out.

Robin, trapped in the family business in his father’s old home town, had nearly given up on self-respect as a luxury he couldn’t afford.

Melinda was the queen of the luncheonette — she was compelled to make music, yet petrified to share it.

Odis, the last of his people, named after the river, thought that love was forbidden for him.

Their paths converged at the crossing of an old, patient river.

In the course of writing this story, I came across a trove of images and primary-source documents, some of which I’d like to share here on this site, as a sort of introduction/coda to the story of Robin and Melinda, Sean and Odis!

lindrithI hope you like the book. Let me hear from you.